Tetsuwan Technology came about in 2014 from a desire to learn new technology that was available for developers. Jim had a background in Java programming, but that had fallen by the wayside while pursuing other careers. He wanted to get back into Java, and so followed one of his guiding principals

If you know how to do something well, then do it.

Jim knew SCORM and eLearning and he used to know Java. So he embarked on a quick study of all things Open Source and Java to come up to speed: Spring, JAXB, JPA, Eclipse, svn and git, JQuery, Bootstrap and many more bits and pieces in order to start building Hakase SCORM Course Builder.

Once the pieces started to come together and it looked like something could be made of it, Jim brought in his long time collaborator Colin to help take Hakase SCORM Course Builder from a pet project to something that we could launch on the world.

And thus, Tetsuwan Technology was born.

We believe in Open Source. We believe in making the right technical decisions. And we believe good code is good.

We love learning.