Allowing Deletion of Items in Pages

So, we’ve still been working hard on improving the experience of using Hakase SCORM Course Builder.

And one of the features we’ve added recently for the next version is to track what pages, courses, assets and questions are used where.

What happens now in the current version (cobalt-1.2), is that if you upload an asset and insert it into a page there’s no record of that asset being used. So, let’s take for example this page with our assets in it (here  assets are images, we’ll eventually allow documents and other types of files, but for now we only allow images.)

Edit page with assets

When you look at the course edit page now, you’ll see

Assets with delete

Event though the assets are used in a page, you can still delete them. This can be a problem if they are deleted by accident as you can’t recover them (another feature we’d like to implement) and they’ll appear as broken images in the text. It will also cause errors in your SCORM package.

So in th next version of Hakase (code name doctor), when you save the page we scan the text for assets and save that information. When you go to the course edit page you’ll see a little information icon information

Assets with information

Click on this and you’ll see where that asset is being used in a pop-up dialog box, in this case the name of the course followed by the page as a link.

Asset links

In order to delete the asset, you can go to the page, delete the asset from the text and re-save the page. Then you can delete the asset as the delete will have returned.

We’ve also done the same for course links via Hakase Objects. If you insert a link to a course

Insert hakase object

and then save the page, the link between the page and the course is recorded. Which means in the cluster view, you can’t remove the course otherwise you’d break the link (And also in the builder.) Now, we have the information icon to indicate there’s a link to view. In our example there are 6 courses each linking to each other.

Cluster with courses

Click on the information icon and you’ll see all the courses and pages that link to this course.

Course links

These information icons also appear in tests, question sets and questions and in templates. Pretty much anywhere you can delete something they appear.

Except … in the overview pages.

courses main page

But that’s another story.

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