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Well, another few months and more updates to Hakase SCORM Course Builder. Behind the scenes we’re always working on new features and small enhancements.

But lately we’ve been pushing out our tutorial. One thing we were surprised about is just how much Hakase SCORM Course Builder can do. What started as a small project has turned into a substantial project. But also how much further we have to go.

While writing the documentation it’s given us a chance to re-test some features and through this we found some bugs that we fixed pretty quickly.

Spell Check As You Type

The Spell Check As You Type feature was causing issues with the YouTube Hakase Object. As most modern web browsers have spell check built in for most languages, it made sense to leverage that instead. So, we removed the spell checker, which fixed two issues at once.

YouTube Videos

And while we were fixing the spell check, we found a bug with YouTube videos that meant that the next page wasn’t being made available within the time we expected. Once change of this was to change the timing to a percentage rather than the number of seconds. This made more sense as usually a video is considered watched when, for example, 50% of the time has passed. This makes it easier when you aren’t sure of the video length or want a consistent measure through the whole course.

Sequenced courses and clusters

The last bug we found while writing the documentation was that clusters and packages were not setting the sequencing correctly. This was pretty bad so we fixed it quickly.

But in all this testing and writing we’ve found that the general navigation isn’t as smooth as it should or could be. This is a long term project to re-write the front end in a technology like AngularJS or something similar, but here are two core features we’d like to build into Hakase SCORM Course Builder and are planning for soon

  • add extracts to the search results with highlighting
  • asset replacement, which will lead into linking to an online image tool
  • HTML5 audio and video
  • HTML5 themes

So, the future looks promising.

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