Enforce Sequence and Flow Options

We’re really close to the next release of Hakase SCORM Course Builder.

And there are quite a few changes, both with the user interface and with the internals of the system. One of the changes we’ve made is to review what the option enforce sequence means, and how it’s implemented in imsmanifest.xml.

We’ve been testing in the SCORM Test Cloud and we really want to make sure your users don’t get stuck in a navigation black hole, which is what some combinations of the current package and cluster options give you.

Currently, we have


and we’ve noticed if you select the options as above then the menu in your LMS will not work. It’ll be in a locked state and you’re stuck.

Really stuck.

To resolve this we’ve removed both:

  • choose any cluster
  • use LMS navigation buttons

and now they’re both on by default. So, the only option left is enforce sequence. In the SCORM Test Cloud, the LMS navigation buttons are at the top


and provide the user with the ability to jump to the next course. If you have enforce sequence turned on, then the next button only activates when the course is Completed.

You can see this with the next example of a package. The World of Astro Boy has three clusters, with the middle cluster containing 5 courses:

  1. Welcome
  2. Characters
    1. Astro Boy
    2. Uran
    3. Atlas
    4. Dr Tenma
    5. Professor Ochanomizu
  3. Astro Boy Final Exam


The package has enforce sequence active, whereas the cluster Characters does not. When you open this in SCORM Test Cloud you can only access the first course Welcome. Once Welcome has been completed, the cluster opens up and all 5 courses become available, as can be seen here.


Once you’ve met the minimum requirement for the cluster Welcome, then the final course Astro Boy Final Exam becomes available – which in the case as the test associated with it.

And for those of you who like the gory details, this is what has changed in imsmanifest.xml.

Previously, choose any cluster controlled the choice attribute in the <imsss:controlMode> tag, and use LMS navigation buttons controlled the flow attribute.

We always had choiceExit as true, because if you don’t, users get stuck in the cluster and can’t navigate out without using internal links in the course.

Now all three are defaulted to true:

<imsss:controlMode choice="true" choiceExit="true" flow="true"/>

and we use <imsss:sequencingRules> with <ruleConditions> and <imsss:ruleAction action=”disabled/> to control how courses and clusters open up.

You can try different settings and view the imsmanifest.xml for yourself by clicking on the gear icon in the packages overview page, and then upload your packages to the SCORM Test Cloud.

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