Everything coming together at last

We’ve been working on the latest version for the last few months and we’ve made some final tweaks that we’re really happy with.

Aside from what we’ve already covered before, there are a bunch of new items we’ve updated.

Asset replacement

Now, if you have an asset (so, an image) that you want to replace, you have to

  • upload a new image
  • use the registry to find every use of the old image
  • remove the old image
  • insert the new image

Which isn’t much fun. In the next version of Hakase SCORM Course Builder, you can select an image (that is being used) and upload a new version. The only caveat is that the new image must be the same width, height and have the same extension (because behind the scenes we’re just doing a file replacement.)

New replace image option

Time zones

Time zones give us headaches. And so when we were doing some testing we found that it didn’t make much sense to display your  joining date and time in the server’s time zone. So, we’ve added a time zone entry on the profile page. To make sure you set it, the first time you log in you get a friendly pop-up to take you there. We try and guess the most likely time zone you’re in (because the list is quite long), so all you have to do is click save.

Time zone setting in profile page

Icons for settings

As part of trying to make Hakase SCORM Course Builder easier to use, we found we needed more information on the Builder and other pages to see what settings we had used. So now we have icons for

  • test in a course
  • enforce sequence in cluster and package
  • default completion status for a package

Builder with new icons for settings

Membership options

Eventually we’ll be moving to a payment model (because we have bills to pay.) But for now we’re staying as a Fremium product because we really want everyone to use Hakase SCORM Course Builder without limits. So, in the user menu on the right, there’s a new setting for membership.

Membership page

What this tells us is

  • The plan you’re on
  • your start date (thus the new time zone setting)
  • the end date of the plan (which is empty for now)

The plan options will tell you the limits of the plan (e.g. how many projects you can create, etc.) But for now, there are no limits.

We’re looking forward to getting this version up and running real soon.

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