Why Hakase can’t remember you any more

Remember Me?

Long time no see. Do I remember you?

So, we found an issue with the remember me functionality of Hakase SCORM Course Builder. We used a mechanism in the code to remember not only you, but the data that’s associated with you. However, we found that although we could remember your login for up to a year (which we configured) the code could only remember your data for an hour.

Which meant that when you returned, you’d get an unsightly error message. And we don’t like error messages.

The short term solution is to remove the remember me check box, which we’ve done with a quick update for version hamegg-2.3.3, which is now live.

The long term fix is to completely change the way we handle sessions. This will be coming in the next version of Hakase SCORM Course Builder, code named ibuya.

For the technical, we’ve implemented Spring Sessions in our code. We had looked at it before but decided we didn’t need it as it was overkill for what we needed. Now we need it.

Hosting and migrations

The other big change at the moment is we’ve moving all our projects to Amazon Web Serviceshttps://tetsuwan-tech.com has already moved and we’re setting up the infrastructure for https://hakase.tetsuwan-tech.com/ as well. We’ll let you when the migration happens.

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