New search and theme updates

We’ve been working recently on bring you some new features for Hakase SCORM Course Builder.

New quick search and save

You can now press Ctrl+F and jump to the quick search in the top right. Once there, enter your search term and you’ll see a list of the first 10 search results. You can select one of these with the mouse or use the arrow keys, our press enter in the search box and go to the full search results.

Also, you can now use Ctrl+S to save what you’re currently editing, works everywhere (except when in the HTML editor window.)

Quick search from Ctrl+F

Updated theme designs

We’ve updated theme 1 and theme 2’s designs. Theme 1 now has the footer at the bottom of the page regardless of how much text there is. This update will flow through all current and new courses exported as a package.

Theme 1 with new footer

Theme 2 has had the header removed and a set width of 80% for all content.

New theme 2

We’ve got these updates out now so you have access to them right away.

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