No more Atom Project development

When we started development of Hakase SCORM Course Builder we had to build from the ground up quite a lot of the basic systems, including the authentication and registration system, configuration, database access layer and transaction auditing to name a few. Some of these were available already as part of Spring Data or Hibernate Envers but we built them out from scratch to ensure we understood the technology, and because we love learning.

After some time we split the generic system away from Hakase SCORM Course Builder into The Atom Project, which we then Open Sourced and released into the Maven Repository.

However, with the move away from JSP technology and its server side rendering towards front end technology like React or Angular it’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain The Atom Project. And to be honest, it doesn’t have a very large adoption in the wider community.

So, the version 4.0.x branch will be the last public version of The Atom Project. We’ll be rolling some of the code back into Hakase SCORM Course Builder so we can focus on its development.

This also means the Example Application will stay at its current version, which matches the latest library of The Atom Project.

The 4.0.x and previous version will remain in Atlassian Bitbucket Cloud for the time being. You can still git clone it with

git clone

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