Shiny new design, kind of like the old one!

Hello again.

It’s been  while since the last update, and we’ve been busy behind the scenes with more updates. This is the last big build on the current user interface before we sit down with our thinking caps on for a complete overhaul of the user interface.

New Design

We’ve got some an updated look based on Bootstrap 4. It’s pretty similar to what we had because we’re going for the minimum disruption at the moment. (We’ll be looking at some major user interface changes later this year.)

This is what Hakase SCORM Course Builder looks like now

Current Hakase SCORM Builder main project page

And this is what the next version will look like

New Hakase SCORM Builder main project page

The design is a little stronger, with some minor formatting changes.

New Hakase Objects

We’ve cleaned up the page editor a little by moving around the icons so they only take up 2 lines. The other big change is that Hakase Objects look like actual objects now. Instead of being the text value such as [given_name] or [question 1,true] we changed them to redish boxes. You can’t edit these directly now, you have to right click on them for the context aware editing, or click on it and use the Hakase Object button on the top row.

New page editor and Hakase Object design

Everything for styles and formatting is on the bottom row, and everything for working with content is on the top row.

Next Steps

The final step we’re working on at the moment is that we need to migrate your current Hakase Objects to the new format. The underlying structure is different and so we need to update the content in the database. We’re thinking of a few ways to do it, but ultimately you won’t have to do anything.

But we do need some downtime to do the upgrade, so we’ll make sure we let everyone know via out twitter feed at

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