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Well, we’ve been hard at work again finishing up the next release of Hakase SCORM Course Builder.

We’d like to show you a few things we’ve got ready for the next release. We’re enhanced search to make it more functional, and updated some of the elements in the editor to make them simpler but better.


Currently, search looks like this

Search as it is now

Which lacks some features of most search tools and it is cumbersome to select the checkboxes that you want. Also, all the search results are returned in one go and the results aren’t highlighted.

In the next version of Hakase SCORM Course Builder search works like this

Search with all results and pagination

and this

Search with filters and highlights

So, what’s new?

  • A blank search will return everything
  • Results are returned 10 results at a time
  • Filters are now easier to use with a single text field for multiple items
  • Keywords are highlighted in extracted search results

Overall, this makes for a much better search experience.

Editor Enhancements


We’ve changed the image tool as well so it’s much simpler.

New image properties

The asset manager is pretty much the same. We’re looking to re-write that in the future, because we want to have the same experience as the rest of Hakase SCORM Course Builder.

Colour Palette

We’ve added a colour palette for foreground and background text colours.

Colour palette tool

This is one of those times when we had to think about what options we had available. We’re just going with these default colours for now. We don’t want to overwhelm everyone with a choice of 256 colours as that would not be useful.

Depending on how this goes, we’ll either set up a way to define some more default colours in your profile or some other option.


And we’ve also simplified the way media is embedded. We’re using an external tool called to help us which generates the correct HTML to insert almost any type of external link. We’ve updated our Hakase Object code to work with this when you insert YouTube so there’s no change in functionality when using a Package in your Learning Management System.

Media embed


We’re still hard at work putting the final touches on the next release, but we’re pretty happy with it.

Hope you are too.

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