Subscriptions and plans

We’re almost ready to release our next version of Hakase SCORM Course Builder. We’ve been working hard to make sure we have the right payment and subscription model.

First up, we’ve renamed membership to subscription, as this made more sense for what we’re offering.

We use Stripe as our payment gateway and the credit card details go straight to them over an encrypted link. We don’t access any of your payment details, all we have are tokens that represent you as a customer and your subscription.

The subscriptions page has been updated to include buttons which will allow you to control what happens to your subscription as well as display  the total limits you have. You can see what you have left when you visit different sections of Hakase SCORM Course Builder.

Subscription details page

  • update payment let’s you update your credit card details without having to change your subscription
  • change will allow you to upgrade or downgrade your subscription
  • restart will restart a cancelled subscription
  • cancel will remove a future subscription

When changing a subscription, the available choices are in a select list at the top of the form. If required, a credit card field will show if your payment details are required.

Changing a subscription

Some (more) important information about subscriptions

All paid subscriptions are billed monthly from the date and time of the start of the plan. One month is the minimum billed time period.

Once you’ve made a payment in a currency, you can’t change that currency.

When upgrading a subscription (e.g. from the free plan to a higher plan) the upgrade is immediate and your monthly renewal will start in one month’s time.

When downgrading a subscription, the downgrade takes affect at the end of the billed monthly cycle, and you will still be billed for the current monthly subscription. So, you can downgrade and still make use of your full limits until the end of your billing period.

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