The direction from here is up

We’ve been working behind the scene on some changes for Hakase SCORM Course Builder that we’re pretty excited about. But they’re all technical behind the scenes changes, however we’ll this is a good time to give you a peek behind the curtain.

Our latest release with the new design and new style Hakase Objects is looking good. We’ve just put up a bugfix version jago-2.5.1.RELEASE, which fixed a few issues we’d found in testing.

One issue we’ve had to deal with lately was the announcement from Oracle about licensing of Java. We’d been using Oracle Java 8 to develop and deploy Hakase SCORM Course Builder. Until now. We had a look at OpenJDK 8 and 11 and decided that we’d migrate to OpenJDK 8 for now for both development and production, and change to OpenJDK 11 when it goes to general release later this year if the libraries and tools we depend on also support OpenJDK 11.

We’ve also been making internal changes for some time to prepare for the next iteration of our code base. We’re not going to announce anything yet, except expect an announcement sometime soon about something we’re really happy about (we’re giving away something!)

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