Time flies

We’ve been busy behind the scenes here at Tetsuwan Technology.

Recently we fixed a bug with in Atom Project. When changing a password because the old one had expired, and using the same password didn’t update the password expiry date.

As we fixed the bug, we did ponder why we allow a user to re-use the same password when updating to a new password. We’ll look at that later because it seemed a minor issue. We’d like to put in a record of the last couple of passwords to validate against.

We also fixed a bug in Hakase SCORM Builder with assets related to questions not being added to the registry for tracking where a asset was being used.

We also did some clean up on builder so the drag and drop boxes look cleaner with regards to their location when being dropped.


We have however been thinking about the near future of Hakase SCORM Course Builder. We’re a very small, independent company and we need to balance development costs against running costs and everything else.

Expect some big or maybe small changes coming over the next few months as we try and bed down our future direction.

CEO, Tetsuwan Technology
We love learning.

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