From this page you can work through our tutorial for Hakase SCORM Course Builder to get up and running with a package ready to export to your Learning Management System.

Before Getting Started

First, we want to make sure everything is configured correctly.

  1. Basic configuration

Getting Started

Let’s get straight into building a small course ready for exporting into your Learning Management System.

  1. Working with projects
  2. Your first course
  3. Adding a cluster and package
  4. Exporting to your Learning Management System

Hakase Objects

Hakase Objects are objects we add to pages to make a course more useful. They range from simple objects like the user’s name and links to other pages and YouTube controls.

  1. Personalisation
  2. Linking between pages
  3. Inserting a YouTube video

Creating Questions and Tests

Add test options to a course with either a quick single question quiz or full tests with groups of questions and a score recorded into your Learning Management System.

  1. Question sets and questions
  2. Adding a single question quiz to a course
  3. Creating a test
  4. Adding a test to a course

Complex Navigation

Link multiple courses together for complex navigation options and allow for complex sequencing through the whole package, with a visual builder to help bring courses together.

  1. Linking courses
  2. Cluster and package options
  3. Bringing it all together with the builder

Themes and Templates

Choose themes and build templates so all your courses can have the same look and feel.

  1. Adding a theme
  2. Creating a template
  3. Creating a course using a template

Working with Assets and the Registry

Assets, for now, are images attached to pages and question sets, for use in pages and questions. The registry shows you where everything is kept.

  1. Uploading and using assets in courses and question sets
  2. Replacing and deleting assets
  3. Template assets in courses
  4. Understanding the registry