Basic configuration

When you first log into Hakase SCORM Course Builder you’ll be prompted to update your profile settings. You can cancel this, but then you’ll have the default timezone and organization setting.

Click take me there.

First time logging in with pop-up

Or, if you have already clicked cancel, then click on your email address from the user menu at the top right and select profile.

Select profile from the user menu

I’ve used Sign in with Google, so my given name and family name can’t be changed from this page. If you want to change them then you’ll need to do this in your Google Account.

Set your organization name, as this will be used later when you export your package to your Learning Management System.

Set your timezone so all dates and times are displayed correctly for you. We try and guess the best timezone for you, but there are plenty of options if we don’t find one that matches.

If you don’t want to keep your Google login details, then click disconnect and this will allow you to edit your given name and family name.

You can disconnect your account from your Google login

When you do this, you should set a password otherwise you won’t be able to log in again. If you log in again with Sign in with Google, then your name will be reset from your Google Account. We have a How To video (using the old design, but the ideas are the same) available: How to log in to Hakase SCORM Course Builder with Google authentication

Next, the settings tab has 3 options

  1. turning on of off the tooltips, which are the black pop-ups on fields
  2. allowing for us to email you news and information
  3. showing the message of the day

The message of the day is the blue information box at the top. If you’ve already clicked the x to get rid of it, then the checkbox will be unchecked (as it is here). When we have important announcements, we’ll turn it back on.

Select the user options

After setting your organisation, click save and we’re done.

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