Bringing it all together with the builder

At this point, we have linked courses, a cluster and a package together. Now we can use the builder to have a visual representation of everything in a project together in one place.

To get to the builder, from the project page, click on the builder button. Or, when in a project select builder from the menu at the top.

Accessing the builder

The builder has three columns

  • courses
  • clusters
  • packages

If you have no created any clusters or packages, then that section will be empty.

The builder with courses, cluster and package

From here you can re-order courses in a cluster or clusters in a package by dragging and dropping them. Clusters and packages may set some defaults when moving items around.

Once something has been dragged across, you can either click the save icon at the bottom, or click on the name of the cluster or package to set more options.

Reordering courses in a cluster

You can drag a course or cluster to the trash to remove it. You can only remove something if there are no links to it. And finally, you can drag a course directly to a package, which will make an intermediate cluster for you automatically.

Remove a course from a cluster, and then add it to a package

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