Linking courses

Now that you know how to make a course, let’s fast forward and get a second course up and running so we can link them together.

Create a new course by going to courses in the menu, click on the create course button and enter a title and description and click save.

Create a new course

Next, go to the first page and change the text to read Welcome to your second course.

Edit page

Now we have two courses in our project.

My first project with two courses

Next, we want to link the first course to the next, so we have some structure in your Learning Management System.

Before we can link it we need to put the course in the cluster. Go to clusters in the menu and select the cluster we made earlier, and select the courses tab.

Courses in the cluster

Click the add button to add an extra row, and from the drop down select My Second Course.

Add the second course to the cluster

When you add the second course, the settings tab appears which provides options for setting the flow controls for this cluster. Click the settings tab, and then select enforce sequence and then save.

Cluster settings

You’re now ready to link the courses.

Go to the courses main page and select the course My First Course. Next, go to pages and select the page Completed.

From here, add the text Jump to on the second line and click the Hakase Object button. This will bring up the Hakase Object tool, select the Navigation tab, select the course radio button.

On the course drop down list, select the second course: My Second Course. You’ll notice it’s listed with the package and cluster. Click OK to insert the Hakase Object.

Add link to another course

You’ll see the Hakase Object as something like [course 7,6,10 12], the numbers will be different for you.

Page with course link

Don’t forget to click save.

Let’s go and download the package and then import into SCORM Cloud (

When you open the course, the display will be different to the first time we used SCORM Cloud as we now have 2 courses in a cluster.

When you complete the first course (by visiting the last page), the menu item for My Second Course will become a link. We can also see in the page the text

Jump to My Second Course.

This a link to another course. The link will only work if the course is available through the sequencing controls. For example, if the link to My Second Course was on the first page of My First Course in this example, it wouldn’t have jumped anywhere.

The link to My Second Course from My First Course

And that’s all there is to linking courses. From here you can go back to the main tutorial page or continue on to cluster and package options.