Adding a single question quiz to a course

Now you’ve created a question set and a question, let’s add a quiz to the course we made earlier. A quiz is a single question that provides a progress check in the course. Quiz scores and responses are not recorded in the Learning Management System.

Go to courses in the menu, then select My First Course and then the question sets tab. This wasn’t there before because we hadn’t created any questions sets.

We can see the question set we created before. All the questions in the question set are listed, with links to the question if we want to edit it. Click the add button, which changes to remove. (This will change to registry once we use the question set.)

Select the question sets tab and click add

Next go back to the pages tab and click create page.

Create a new page

Enter the a title for the page, and click the Hakase Object button.

Enter a title and click the Hakase Object button

Now you’ll see there’s a question tab on the Hakase Object page. This is because we added a question set to the course. This has all the questions in the question set available for insertion as a progress check quiz.

As there’s only one question in this question set, we’ll stick with that. Click Correct answer is required and then OK.

Correct answer is required means that the next link won’t activate unless the correct answer is selected. If Correct answer is required is un-checked then the next link will appear after submitting your answer regardless of the result.

Select the question, required answer and OK

Next, you’ll see the Hakase Object [question 13,true] inserted into the page. The number will be different for your inserted object.

Page with inserted progress check question

From here, click save.

Click on My First Course in the breadcrumbs, and then on the pages tab in the course. Move the new page with the quiz to above the page Completed.

Re-order pages in the course

Once done, let’s take a look how the question looks in the course. Click on the LMS View button and click through the pages until you get to the My First Quiz page.

A single question as a progress check quiz

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