Adding a test to a course

The last step is to add the test to the course. Go to courses in the menu and choose the course we created earlier.

Scroll down and now you’ll see there’s an extra item for test. Select the test we created in the last section and click save.

Add the test to the course

Now we need to add the test to a page. After clicking save, go to the pages tab and find the page titled My First Quiz to edit it.

Select page to add test

From here, we change the quiz to the test. Change the title to My First Test, and then put the cursor in the Hakase Object for the question and click the button for the Hakase Object. The Hakase Object editor will auto populate with the question we added earlier, select the Basic Object tab and then test from the drop down. This wasn’t there before, it appears after we’ve added the test to the course.

You can only add one test per course.

Replace the question with the test

Then click OK. In the editor, add some text before the [test] Hakase Object and then click save.

Update page and save

Now that we have the test on a page, the last step is to put the [score] Hakase Object on the final page. The Hakase Object [score] must go after the page with the test on it. When the test is submitted the score is sent to the Learning Management System (if detected). The Hakase Object [score] will call this value back.

At the bottom of the page, click on the Completed button to go to the next page.

Go to the next page

On the final page, enter of before the full stop and then click the Hakase Object button. From the Basic Object list choose Score and click OK, and then click save.

Add the Hakase Object for score

And we’re done. Next, click on My First Course in the breadcrumbs at the top to return to the course page.

The completed page

Finally, click the LMS view button to launch the course.

Take the test

From here you can go back to the tutorial home.