Question sets and questions

After making a course and inserting some Hakase Objects, let’s move onto making questions and question sets. A question set is a collection of questions which can be used in a course for progress quiz questions or in a test.

In the menu click on question sets to take us to the main question sets page, and then click create question set.

Create a question set

Question sets are created with just a title to start with, so enter your title and click save.

Create a question set

Once you’ve saved the title of the question set the description field appears, as well as the tabs for questions and assets – similar to the way they appear when creating a course. For now, enter a description and click save.

Add description and click save

Next, click the questions tab and then create question.

Create question

Questions are made up of the question text, and answer. The question text is formatted the same way as page text, which can also include assets like images. Enter the question and then click the answers tab. You don’t need to click save just yet.

Add question text

There are several types of question types that you can choose.

  • Boolean is for yes/no or true/false questions with a single score for the correct answer
  • Single choice is for displaying multiple answers where only one answer can be chosen, but allows for multiple non-zero scores
  • Multiple choice is for displaying multiple answers where more than one is correct, where all correct answers have the same score
  • Freeform textfield is for an exact written text answer, where all correct answers can have a different score
  • Freeform textarea is for general written answers, this has no score.

Available answer types

Let’s choose Boolean TRUE/FALSE for now. Enter a score of 1 for the TRUE value and click save. It’s important to note that once a question is saved, you cannot change the question type.

Select TRUE/FALSE and score of 1

We now have our first question set, question with a TRUE/FALSE answer.

From here, move on to adding a single question quiz to a course or back to the tutorial home.