Exporting to your Learning Management System

Now that we have our cluster and package created, we can export our package and import it into a Learning Management System.

Let’s start from the main package page, and click on the title of My First Package.

Main package page

From the package edit page, click on the download button in the top right and save the file MyFirstPackage.zip to your desktop.

Download the package

As an alternative you can select remote ftp, which allows you to send file from our server to yours with the file transfer protocol. This requires your server to be on the public Internet and to use un-encrypted ftp. You will need to check with your administrator what the correct values will be for login, password, server and path.

Send package by direct ftp

We’re going to use SCORM Cloud to test the package. So, go to

and if you don’t have an account, register for one, otherwise log in with your username and password

SCORM Cloud login page

and click Add Content in the top right, then choose Import a SCORM, AICC, xAPI or cmi5 package.

SCORM Cloud menu

Next, click Choose file and select the file MyFirstPackage.zip from your desktop and then click Import course.

SCORM Cloud upload

Once the package has finished uploading, the next step is to launch the package. Click Launch … (note the Completion status is unknown.)

Launch the package with the course

and wait for SCORM Cloud to open up a new window with your first course.

Your first course with Hakase SCORM Course Builder

Let’s take note here of a few key elements of the course. Because this is a single course there’s no need for a menu or navigation buttons in the Learning Management System. You’ll see these when we get into more complex structures later.

The pages My First Page and Completed can’t be clicked until they have been read, so click next at the bottom or in the text to go to the next page. Once you get to the last page, clicking exit will exit the course and set Compete status in SCORM Cloud.  If you click exit before the last page of the course, a warning will pop up and ask if you want to leave. If you do exit, you’ll receive an incomplete status result in your Learning Management System.

SCORM Cloud with complete status

Success and score are populated if there is a test with a result.

And that’s it. Congratulations, you’ve now created a course with Hakase SCORM Course Builder and uploaded it to a Learning Management System.

Let’s go back to the main tutorial page.