Working with projects

After setting up your profile in Basic configuration, let’s get into making a new project.

A project is a self contained collection of courses, questions and assets (images, etc.) that are packaged together for importing into your Learning Management System.

Click on projects in the menu at the top, and the click create project.

Click create project

Enter a title and description of your project. This isn’t used when creating the package for exporting into your Learning Management System, it’s just a container for everything your going to use.

Here you can see a tooltip over the description. Once you’ve entered the title and description, click save.

Enter project details

Now you’ve created your first project. The first thing to notice is that the menu now contains all the items available to you: projects, builder, courses, question sets, tests, clusters and packages.

There’s also a menu item for the builder, which we’ll cover in a later section.

Your first project saved

Next, click on the projects menu item at the top and we’ll be back at the main projects page where you can see your first project.

Main projects page

Next, let’s get into making your first course or back to tutorial home.