Your first course

So, now we have a project all set up and ready to go from Working with projects, let’s create our first course.

From the main projects page, click on the project My First Project and the menu at the top will populate with all the types of items we can create. Click on courses.

As with the projects display, this is a list of all the courses in this project – which is currently empty. Click on create course to go to the course creation page. You’ll start to get familiar with the interface as we go along.

Main courses page

Here enter the course title and description. These are used in your Learning Management System, which we’ll see later when we export the package.

Once you have you title and description, click save. For now leave the theme and template as you will only have a choice of one.

Creating your first course

Now we have 3 tabs at the top for course, pages and assets. The course tab shows the details we just entered with some extra fields, the pages tab lists the pages (some of which are pre-populated) and the assets has the images mapped to this course. You’ll also notice in the top right the LMS view button. You can see what the course will look like when viewed in a Learning Management System.

Course edit page with extra tabs

The global field is present on every page depending on the theme and layout. This is useful for footers like a copyright notice.

Click on the pages tab and we can see a list of pages created from the theme template.

Your pages from the theme template

From here click create page and we get to the page builder. For now, let’s just enter a title and body. The body for this template is a HTML editor. We can add different styles of text, add images and also Hakase Objects. For now, let’s stick with something simple. Once you’ve entered some text, click save.

Create your first page

One saved, a message appears at the top and buttons appear at the bottom to help you quickly navigate between pages.

Page saved with links to next, previous and other pages

From here, click on My First Course in the breadcrumbs and then the pages tab.

Pages with your new page

Your new page, My First Page, is at the bottom. To move this between Welcome and Competed, click and drag the panel from the top.

Move the page between the others

And you’re done. The next step is to wrap everything up in a cluster and package.

Let’s go back to the tutorial home.