Inserting a YouTube video

In the last section, we set up links between pages. Here we’ll add another Hakase Object – a YouTube video.

First, let’s go back to the pages tab for our course My First Course and create page.

Create a new page

Next, let’s enter a title and body for the page and then click on the Embed Media from External Sites button.

Enter text and click Embed Media from External Sites button

Next, add a video link from YouTube, for example

select No Resize and Centre for the other options and click click OK.

Adding a YouTube video

This will add the YouTube video.

However, we usually want a learner to wait until the video has finished before they can click to go to the next page, so ensure they’ve watched the whole video. To do this we add a Hakase Object for YouTube.

Add Hakase Object for YouTube control

Select YouTube from the drop down list.

The completion percentage is percentage of the total video time before the next link appears at the bottom of the page after the video has started. The default is 95% of the length of the video – note that skipping to the end doesn’t work, it’s taken as 95% of the time since the video started, not the location in the video. Here’s let’s set the percentage at 30 (for 30%). Then click OK.

Values completion percentage for should be between 1 and 100.

Set the duration for the YouTube video

The result is a new Hakase Object [youtube 30]. Click save and we’re done.

Page with Hakase Object

From here, click on My First Course in the breadcrumbs at the top, and then back to the pages tab. The page YouTube Video is at the end, so click and drag on the title to move it before the page Completed.

Move the page up

Finally, let’s have a look at the page in the LMS View.

YouTube video in LMS View

Notice that the next button at the bottom is greyed out. This won’t activate in this example until after 30% of the time since the video started has been reached, regardless of the position in the video. The video also has the controls available.

And that’s all for inserting a YouTube video. Back to the tutorial home.