As we saw in the last section, personalisation, we added a new Hakase Object for the user’s family name. This time, let’s add some navigation to jump to different pages in our course.

Staying with the Welcome page you’ll see there’s also the [next] Hakase Object.

Hakase Object object for navigation to next page

This time, put the cursor inside the Hakase Object for [next] and click the Hakase Object tool.

Hakase Object tool

Because we selected the [next] Hakase Object this time, the tool takes us to the Navigation tab with Next already selected. This is the same for any Hakase Object – the tool will select the option you’ve selected.

Here, the first two items in the list are always available: Next, Previous. The remaining items are your pages for this course listed in order.

Let’s change it from Next to My First Page and click Ok.

Navigation Hakase Object for My First Page

Now you’ll see that [next] has been replaced by (in this example) [page 52]. The number will be different for your page and course. From here, go ahead and click save.

Hakase Object for page link

Let’s have a look at how this is different. Click My First Course in the breadcrumbs just under the menu to take us back to the main edit page for the course.

Next, click the LMS View button.

Course edit with LMS view button

And here we can view the course (almost) the same as what you’d see in your Learning Management System.

Links between pages

Clicking My First Page will take you to the page with that title. If you reorder your pages, this link will always take you to that page. Next and Previous will always take you to the next and previous page, regardless of the order of pages.

Either go back to the main tutorial page, or go to the next section on how to insert a YouTube video.