Let’s add a Hakase Object to the Welcome page to display the user’s family name.

Go to the project My First Project and click on the courses menu item. Then click on My First Course to take us to the course you made in the first part of this tutorial, Getting Started. Next, click on the pages tab and we can see our three pages.

The list of pages

This time, let’s go to the Welcome page. The text of this page has two Hakase Objects

  • [given_name]
  • [next]

Editing a page with Hakase Objects

The [given_name] Hakase Object displays the user’s given name as defined in your Learning Management System, and the [next] object provides a link to the next page in the course.

Let’s add another object to this page. Move the cursor to between the ] (right square bracket) and the . (period) and click the Hakase Object button.

Adding a Hakase Object

The pop-up window is the Hakase Object selector. The tabs and options differ depending on the profile of the course.

Now, select family name from the drop down and click Ok.

Selecting the Hakase Object type

The Hakase Object [family name] is now inserted just after [given_name], which will be the user’s family name from your Learning Management System. To make it look a little bit better, add a space between the two Hakase Objects and click save.

Output of the family name Hakase Object

And we’re done. Let’s go on to link pages together or jump back up to the main tutorial page.