Adding a theme

Now that you’ve seen all the parts to make a package, let’s add some style.

Themes in Hakase SCORM Course Builder are used to create templates which are used when creating courses, so the courses can all have the same look and feel. Themes define the style of a course including the menu structure, fonts, colours and question format.

Templates, which we’ll get to in the next section, are for creating default headers or footers (depending on the theme), pages and assets.

To find themes, from the user menu at the top right, select themes.

Select themes from the user menu

This takes you to the themes listing. You will have theme 1 already installed as this is the default theme that gets set up with a default template (which we’ll get to next.)

Adding a theme requires clicking on the add button.

Click add to add the theme

You’ll notice that theme 1 says in use. A theme can’t be removed if there are templates created under it, much like projects.

If a theme can be removed, then you’ll see the remove button.

Remove a theme

Clicking on the remove button will create a pop-up to check you really want to remove the theme.

Remove theme verification

Clicking OK will then remove the theme. You can always add it back later.

Next, go to creating a template, or back to the tutorial main page.