Replacing and deleting assets

Once you have some assets uploaded and added to pages, etc., we also have the ability to replace assets or delete them.

Assets that are in use can only be replaced. We’ll look at the Registry later so you can see where assets are being used.

To delete an asset, it must not be used anywhere. Clicking on the delete button will delete it straight away.

Delete an asset

To replace an asset go to the asset tab and click replace. Replace will only appear if the asset has been used (you’ll also see the registry button, and not delete). The icon will change to a cloud with an arrow, and you can now drag a new asset into the window for uploading.

Replace an asset

It is important to remember, that the old and new asset must have the same width and height, and be the same type. If they don’t match you will get an error.

Replace asset with error

Next, we’ll review how assets in templates are different or go back to the tutorial home.