Template assets in courses

Now you can replace and delete assets, let’s look at how we manage assets in templates.

Assets in templates are uploaded, replaced and deleted the same way as other assets. However, when they are used in a course they are either selectedadded or removed.

All management for the asset is handled in the theme and template.They are just linked to the course by being added or removed. Assets can be uploaded to a template and they’re immediately available in the courses that use that template. Template assets are a great way to make use of common design elements across courses.

Adding a template asset to a course requires clicking on the add button in the asset manager or asset tab.

Add template asset

Once a template asset has been added, it can be selected, which inserts it into a course.

Removing it from the course does not delete the template asset, it just removes the link it has with the course.

Add or remove template asset

When a template asset is removed, it stays with the course and can be re-added later.

Removed template asset

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