Understanding the registry

After seeing how we use assets in templates, the last step is looking at the registry.

The first thing to note is that when you start linking pages, courses, question sets, tests, clusters, packages or anything else then the delete button will disappear. If you can’t see a delete button, then there’s something depending on that item existing.

When you link one page to another with a Hakase Object, then the link is recorded in the registry. The page view will then show the button.

Clicking on the registry button will open a pop-up with all the incoming links from other places in Hakase SCORM Course Builder that link to this page.

Page with registry button

Anywhere you see the registry button,  click it and you can get a list of all incoming links.

Registry pop-up

In order to delete a item, we need to remove all the links. This means deleting assets or Hakase Objects for

  • pages
  • courses
  • tests
  • question sets

Once the links are removed, the delete button re-appears.

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