Uploading and using assets in courses and question sets

Now that we’ve made some templates, let’s work with assets.

There are a three different ways to get assets (for now, images) into a course or question set. You can do the same action for each of these

  • courses
  • pages
  • question sets
  • questions

Depending on the level of your subscription, you will have limits on the total amount of space you can use for assets. However, all subscriptions are limited to individual assets of 1 megabyte per file.

At this time assets are also limited to files with these extensions

  • .png
  • .gif
  • .jpeg / .jpg

The first method to add an asset, is to drag and drop the asset into the editor. Go to any course, and go to any page in the course, or go to a question set or question. Drag an image into the editor and it will upload and insert automatically.

Upload asset directly into the editor

Another way is to drag the image into the course or question set. Both of these have asset tabs which allow an overview of all assets in a course or question set.

Upload to course asset manager tab

Finally, the last method to add an asset is to use the Asset Manager window from the image button in the editor.

Upload using the Asset Manager

Once an asset is in the Asset Manager you can use it in the relevant pages or questions. To do this, go to any page or question and in the editor, click on the image button.

The image button in the editor

In the Image Properties pop-up, click Browse Server.

Image properties pop-up

In the Asset Manager you will see all uploaded files, as well as template files. Select the image you want by clicking select.

Use Asset Manager to select image

This returns to the Image Properties pop-up, where you can click OK to insert the image. Don’t change the URL or it will break the link between the image and the course.

Image properties with image

This will insert the image into the editor.

Selected asset in the editor

Once an image is in the editor, you can

  • Click on the image to select it and click the image button to edit it
  • Double click on the image to edit it

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